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Chaotic Congress Cinema Nr. 6


15.02.2012 20:00


15.02.2012 22:00

Needs to be there, but does not need to be seen by a visitor Yes

Wir schauen uns die Aufzeichnung von Congress-Vorträgen an. Du bist herzlich eingeladen, in den Clubräumen im Mexikoring 21 aufzutauchen und mit uns die Talks anzuschauen und zu diskutieren. Es wird Getränke und Knabberkram zu moderaten Preisen geben. Falls Du kein CCC-, CCCHH- oder Attraktor e.V.-Mitglied bist, macht das überhaupt nichts: Alle Gäste sind gern gesehen. :-)

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Apple vs. Google Client Platforms

How you end up being the Victim.

We will discuss the two different approaches Apple and Google take for the client platforms iPad and Chromebook, how they are similar and how they are not.

From the security architecture and integrity protection details to your account and identity that links you firmly back to the respective vendor, we will provide the big picture with occasional close-up shots. Here is what powers the vendor has over you, or what powers he gives to arbitrary unwashed attackers at conferences through fails in logic, binary or HTML.


+ `Recurity Labs <http://www.recurity-labs.com>`__

Effective Denial of Service attacks against web application platforms

We are the 99% (CPU usage)

This talk will show how a common flaw in the implementation of most of the popular web programming languages and platforms (including PHP, ASP.NET, Java, etc.) can be (ab)used to force web application servers to use 99% of CPU for several minutes to hours for a single HTTP request.

This attack is mostly independent of the underlying web application and just relies on a common fact of how web application servers typically work.

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