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Chaotic-Congress-Cinema Nr. 14


27.04.2011 20:00


27.04.2011 23:00

Needs to be there, but does not need to be seen by a visitor Yes Wir schauen uns die Aufzeichnung von Congress Vorträgen an. Du bist herzlich eingeladen, in den Clubräumen im Mexikoring 21 aufzutauchen und mit uns die Talks anzuschauen und zu diskutieren. Es wird Getränke und Knabberkram zu moderaten Preisen geben. Falls Du kein CCC-, CCCHH- oder Attraktor e.V.-Mitglied bist, macht das überhaupt nichts: Alle Gäste sind gern gesehen. :-)

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A new circuit board printer will liberate you from the Arduino- Industrial Complex

Are you ready to wake up from the cult of Arduino? Tired of plugging together black-box pre-built modules like a mindless drone, copying and pasting in code you found on Hackaday? You've soldered together your TV-Be-Gone, built your fifth Minty Boost, and your bench is awash with discarded Adafruit packaging and Make magazines. It's time to stop this passive consumption. It's time to create something that is truly yours. It's time, my friend, to design your first circuit board. And you'll need a machine to print it.

Outsourcing printed circuit board (PCB) manufacture can be expensive and slow. You want your board now, for free. And designing PCB's is hard. You'll make mistakes, and some boards will be wasted. You can etch your own PCB's at home but the process is fiddly, and notoriously difficult to perfect. What if you had a printer that could make PCB's? A rapid prototyping machine for circuit boards.

In this talk I will present my progress towards an inexpensive PCB printer by reverse engineering Epson inkjet technology. And I'm not talking about the crappy print-and-bake method you might have seen on the internet. Come and learn about the miracle of microfluidics within the modern consumer inkjet printer, and how to push it to do new, exciting things. I'll be describing some reverse engineering techniques, a bit of electronics circuit design and the potential for 3D microfabrication with inkjet technology.

A PCB will be printed and etched live, on stage, at 27C3!



Copyright Enforcement Vs. Freedoms

ACTA, IPRED3 and other upcoming battles of the crusade against sharing

ACTA, upcoming criminal enforcement directive, filtering of content... The entertainment industries go further and further into their crusade against sharing. They not only attack our fundamental freedoms, but also the very essence of the Internet.

This session is a panorama of the current and upcoming battles, campaigns and actions. Everyone can help defeat the motherf#§$ers!

The crusade against sharing the entertainment industries are waging against their customers is taking new directions.

Their obsession to apply models from the past to today's technologies leads these industries to turn copyright against their customers. Direct consequences would be damages to freedom of expression, privacy and the right to a fair trial, that would greatly serve the will of some politicians to control the Internet.

A number of extremely disturbing trends and upcoming legislative projects will be detailed in this session:

+ ACTA. The "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement" is the flagship of

 the entertainment industries. It is a prototype of how to impose
 legislation while circumventing democratic process and public
 opinions. ACTA contains most of what the industries are dreaming
 about. By putting legal and monetary pressure over Internet technical
 intermediates, ACTA would force them to act as private copyright
 police and justice of the Net.

+ IPRED2. The criminal enforcement directive was frozen in the Council

 of EU in 2006. It is about to be revived under the direction of the
 French commissioner Michel Barnier. It may contain sanctions for
 "inciting, aiding and abetting" infringement, which would blur the
 line between copyright infringement and political speech or the
 production of software and on-line services.

+ "voluntary agreements", "extra-judicial measures", and "cooperation

 between rights-holders and Internet service providers" sound harmless,
 but they represent a growing trend in trying to force the ISPs into
 policing, through contracts, their networks and users. ISPs would be
 forced to use access restrictions ("three strikes") or even content

+ Revision of the e-Commerce directive. The movie and music industries

 will use this occasion to attack the exoneration of liability for
 technical intermediates of the Net, with potential consequences on
 freedom of speech.

+ Filtering of the Net. In the name of protecting the children or

 gamblers, it is being deployed all over Europe. These first steps will
 allow to further expand filtering mechanisms for the purpose of
 copyright enforcement, under influence the entertainment industries.

How those policies are put in place? What can a citizen do in order to help counter them? How can we better organize to gain momentum in protecting fundamental freedoms in the digital environment? What were the successful campaigns so far, and what will be the upcoming ones?

Join us in our effort!


+ `La Quadrature du Net <http://laquadrature.net>`__ + `[video] Robocopyright ACTA <http://www.laquadrature.net/en


+ `La Quadrature's web-dossier on ACTA




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