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      <page pageid="188" ns="0" title="Termin:Frühjahres Trainingslager der Lockpicker" />
      <page pageid="3116" ns="0" title="Termin:GUUG Vortrag: Einheitliches Austauschformat verschiedener IDS" />
      <page pageid="7748" ns="0" title="Termin:Back to Hack 2012-10-23" />
      <page pageid="7883" ns="0" title="Termin:Back to Hack 2012-10-30" />
      <page pageid="8348" ns="0" title="Termin:Back to Hack 2012-11-06" />
      <page pageid="13820" ns="0" title="RGB Moodlight" />
      <page pageid="14690" ns="0" title="Lasercutter" />