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    <allfileusages afcontinue="Bausatz2a.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:B-Finale 2011 IMPR.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:BCBoesch-IDS-Parametrisierung.pdf" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:BRM 90130 Colourful control pannel manual.pdf" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:BRM 90130 Cutting parameter.pdf" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:BRM 90130 Gebrauchsanleitung.pdf" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:BRM 90130 Maintaince manual.pdf" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:BTListe wiki.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Back2hack black.png" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Banner indie.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Basteldonnerstag.png" />