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The event

The LHC is a networking event for hackerspaces and makerspaces and everyone interested!

Hackerspaces, Makerspaces and Fablabs from from Germany and Europe meet from the 18th to 20th July 2014 for this years Large Hackerspace Convention (LHC-V) in the Attraktor Hackerspace in Hamburg, Germany.

Society is facing lots of big challenges and opportunities. We'd like our projects to be a part of this. Sharing a space and infrastructure for learning and Do-It-Yourself projects is an active contribution to a sustainable future (and also lots of fun ;-) ).

But running such a space for everyone's creative expression can also raise a lot of questions in itself...not always is it easy to get everyone to pitch-in.

In 2011, the Mannheim hackerspace RaumZeitLabor started started the Large Hackerspace Convention to meet up, exchange ideas and trade experiences about running a hackerspace and just to connect to other people and spaces. The LHC takes place at a different hackerspace every year. The Conventions is meant to be large, the participating hackerspace don't have to be! ;-)

So...we invite you all to be part of this! Please join LHC, come with lots of your members, bring cool projects and ideas, give interesting talks or workshops, discuss and take home lots more cool ideas, experiences and knowlede and have lots of fun!

And if you're not part of a hackerspace yet, find out what these spaces are all about and maybe joine one afterwards or even found your own!


July 18 to 20 2014


Attraktor e.V. Eschelsweg 4 22767 Hamburg (Altona) Germany


The programme is not yet fixed and will consist of whatever people bring or want to talk about. If you'd like to give a talk or workshop, please contact us and we'll add it to the programme.


  • Arrival and Networking (Coffee, cookies and classical music)
  • Show us your space!


  • Breakfast
  • Show us your projects!
  • Party


  • Discussion
  • Talks

All the time

  • Soldering
  • Crafts
  • Laser cutting
  • 3D printing
  • Screen printing


Please add yourself to the following list and/or send us an Email so we know who's coming and how to reach you.

Name Space City URL Number of People


Further infos to come


  • The event itself is free
  • Food will be charged separately..

Getting to LHC


A place to stay


Contact and organization


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