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Workshop Digital Photography


21.09.2013 11:00


22.09.2013 16:00

Needs to be there, but does not need to be seen by a visitor Yes

Got you ;-)

Last minute Info: On Sunday we will start at 11h o'clock in Harburg, at S-Bahn Harburg Rathaus in front of "Blume 2000".

We're happy to announce our 4th Digital Photography Workshop at Attraktor (Overview of other Foto-Workshops). After several requests (many over couchsurfing) this workshop will be in english.

The workshop is for beginners and advanced learners of digital photography who are using DSLR-Cameras.


  • You can bring a dslr-camera and have no knowlede about it - we'll teach you.
  • You can come with a lot of experience and still find something new to learn - or just have fun doing crazy things :-)
A nice portrait of Olof at the third photograpy workshop
Florian doing levitation meditation :-)

We're still working on the details of the program. If you have any special interests you would like to learn about, don't hesitate to ask!


Start at 11:00 (11 am).

  • Basics
  • Specials

End around 18:30 (6:30 pm).


Start at 11:00 (11 am).

  • Breakfast together
  • Specials

End around 17:00 (5 pm).

Panorama made with Hugin

Vocabulary - german / english

german english
Belichtungszeit exposure time
(Film-) Empfindlichkeit ISO speed
Blende Aperture
Sensor sensor
Objektiv lens (it's NOT Linse in german)
Linse a single glass element of a lens
Fokus focus
Belichtungsmessung metering
Art der Belichtungsmessung metering mode
Brennweite focal length
Lichtstärke lens speed
Autofokus autofocus
Autofokus-Messfeld active sensor
Schärfe sharpness
Schärfentiefe depth-of-field
Abbildung image
Spiegel mirror
Verschluss shutter
Mattscheibe focusing screen
Okular ocular
Rauschen noise
Auslöser release button
Verschlussvorhang shutter curtain


To participate, register for this wiki and edit the table below or send an email to christoph with the following information: Name, equipment, interests.

The maximum number of participants is around 30.

Number Name Camera equipment Interests
1 ChristophK Canon 5D Mark II Reportage, Portrait
2 Olof Canon experimental and art photography
3 Emma Canon 400D oder 600D renew basics, flash
4 Beia none Basics
5 Dajana  ?  ?
6 Zara  ?  ?
7 Konstantin Sigma DP1S artistic photography
8 004 Canon 500D basics and fancy stuff
9 - - -
10 - - -


We don't charge a fee for the workshop, so anybody can come and participate. To be able to keep up our work and offer high quality workshops, we kindly ask for a donation to support us.



Mexikoring 21
22297 Hamburg

The following pages contain more information on how to find our Makerspace:

Further questions

Feel free to contact christoph if you have any questions.


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